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February 19, 2013

New Vision Television Announces the Addition of Mark Fabiani to the Board of Directors

April 26, 2011

For Immediate Release

[Los Angeles CA—April 26, 2011]—New Vision Television today announced the addition of Mark Fabiani to the New Vision Board of Directors.

Mark Fabiani provides strategic advice and tactical execution to companies and individuals facing complex financial, marketing, communications, legal, and image challenges.

Mark Fabiani’s work has included:

• Developing branding, positioning, and communications strategies for one of the world’s largest software companies.
• Advising broadcast companies on business strategies and communications issues.
• Establishing a crisis management response team and devising competitive strategies for one of the world’s leading networking and Internet companies.
• Providing strategic guidance and communications strategy for a variety of major professional sports leagues and teams.
• Providing counsel to elected officials, political candidates, and other public figures faced with sophisticated communications and legal challenges.
In June 2000, with his campaign sagging badly in the polls, Vice President Al Gore asked Mark Fabiani to become his Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications and Strategy. Fabiani served in that role throughout the remainder of the closest presidential campaign in modern history. Fabiani was responsible for coordinating the campaign’s communications and media strategies and tactics, including for the Vice President’s post-election Florida vote count effort. Fabiani also served as the campaign’s chief spokesperson, appearing on a daily basis on national television broadcasts.
Mark Fabiani served as Special Counsel to President Bill Clinton through the 1996 presidential campaign. Fabiani provided legal, communications and political counsel to the President and First Lady of the United States on allegations and investigations of scandal. As part of his duties Fabiani produced and communicated the legal, legislative, and political responses to inquiries from the media, Capitol Hill, and investigative agencies. In this role, Fabiani also served also as the White House’s principal spokesperson before the national media, appearing regularly on major new shows.

Fabiani’s experience with complex problem resolution also includes four-years of service as Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and Chief of Staff to Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley. In that post Fabiani managed political strategy, media relations, policy analysis, and an executive staff of 129 for the Mayor. In addition, Fabiani directed day-to-day interaction between the Mayor’s Office and the media, the general managers of city departments, the City Council, and the city’s principal private sector companies and public sector institutions. Fabiani also played a central role in preparing and negotiating the city’s $3.9 billion annual budget.

Fabiani, who graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1982, has also served in senior positions at the United States Department of Justice and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. As a Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Justice Department, Fabiani was responsible for policy development for the Attorney General. As Deputy Assistant Secretary at HUD, Fabiani implemented the federal government’s Empowerment Zone Initiative for urban revitalization.


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