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Mark Fabiani

April 10, 2013

Throughout his career as a legal professional and communications executive, Mark Fabianihas established himself as a leader in the field of crisis management. He currently serves as a Principal at Fabiani & Lehane LLC, a strategic communications firm with locations throughout California. Earlier in his career, Mark Fabiani worked as a special counsel for a number of prestigious organizations and individuals, including the President of the United States and the San Diego Chargers. Fabiani also spent time as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications and Strategy with the Gore for President 2000 campaign.

Over the past three decades, Mark Fabiani has demonstrated an ability to deliver top quality advice to companies facing complex challenges in such fields as communications, marketing, legal, and finance. In addition to designing and implementing communications strategies for one of the top software companies in the world, he has offered strategic advice for several major professional sports teams in the United States. Mark Fabiani also helped Native American tribes in California develop communications and legal strategies in their fight against state officials and played an integral role in a high-profile intellectual property dispute in Silicon Valley.

Before launching his career in law and communications, Mark Fabiani received a BA in Philosophy from the University of Redlands, where he won the prize of Top Individual Speaker in the 1979 National Debate Tournament. After completing his undergraduate studies, Fabiani went on to pursue a JD at Harvard Law School, where he served as a Chief Research Assistant with Professor Alan Dershowitz and worked as an Editor of the Harvard Law Review.



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