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MSNBC Transcipt

June 5, 2013

JANSING: We have three congressional investigations that are under way to get to the bottom of this Congressman as you know. A Justice Department probe. The president has suggested with all of that going on there is no need for an independent council. But Mark Fabiani, former special council to Bill Clinton, told “The Wall Street Journal” that a probe run by the administration may not silence critics and that maybe a special council should be considered. What is your position on that?

CROWLEY: Well, I think at this point in time we should let Congress do its work right now. The one thing we haven’t had is a Congress doing its job. We have been bogged down in partisanship. Let’s see if the Congress can act like adults and actually ask the questions that need to be asked and get the answers. And if after all of that process you said there’s three, there may be more hearings scheduled in the future. As many hearings as possible I think to find the answers we need to do. And if that fails then we can look at other alternatives then.

JANSING: Congressman Joe Crowley, I know you want to get back into that hearing room. You are good to come out and talk to us about this. Thank you so much.

CROWLEY:  Thank you Chris. Good to be with you.

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