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Key Steps to Effective Crisis Management

September 21, 2013

Mark Fabiani is the former deputy mayor of Los Angeles. He is an experienced political strategist and crisis management expert who has served as a lawyer and spokesman for the White House. With his partner Christopher Lehane, Mark Fabiani co-founded Fabiani & Lehane LLC in 2001, a company specializing in crisis management.

Many companies have crisis management experts on staff, while others outsource this type of work when the need arises. There are few crisis management rules to keep in mind to ensure that situations are dealt with in an effective, professional manner. The number one rule is simply to be prepared. Regardless of whether a company has a crisis management expert on staff, it should review and update its crisis plan often and maintain strong relations with outside crisis management firms.

The second most important aspect of crisis management is speed. Preparation helps in this regard, but being prepared for a crisis means nothing if the company allows several days or even just a few hours to pass before taking definitive action. Lastly, it is imperative to be aware of the audiences that will judge the outcome of a crisis situation: Judges and jurors in a court of law, elected officials, customers of the company, and the public at large. In the end, a crisis might pose few legal complications for a company, but rehabilitating the company’s public image will often prove much more complex and potentially more damaging to business. When it comes to crisis management, it’s crucial for companies to be prepared, act fast, and get ready to win back their customer base.


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