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Restoring Tom Bradley’s Popularity

November 8, 2013

One of the Masters of Disaster, Mark Fabiani is most known for getting Bill Clinton through the Whitewater scandal and other controversies. However, has been executing damage control strategies since 1989, when he was still the mayor’s chief of staff in Los Angeles.

Then-Mayor Tom Bradley was losing popularity very quickly shortly after the City Hall ethics scandal. Bradley’s chief of staff at the time was Mike Gage. Unfortunately, Gage was making things worse by going against the media while Bradley was being criticized left and right. The mayor’s finances and conduct were under investigation and problems with crime rates, traffic and pollution increased.

When Mark Fabiani replaced Gage, he was quick to act and created a more progressive agenda for the mayor. In addition, he helped refine the mayor’s pro-growth stance in an effort to increase support. He then arranged to have Kenneth Topping lose his position as planning director, to the delight of homeowner groups and developers. In a series of well-planned moves, Fabiani helped restore Tom Bradley’s faltering popularity.


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