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Dean Spanos Talks San Diego Chargers

Mark Fabiani is a former lawyer and spokesman for the White House. He has also served as the deputy mayor of Los Angeles and chief of staff to mayor Tom Bradley. For more than 10 years, Mark Fabiani has provided special counsel to Dean Spanos, the president of the San Diego Chargers professional football team.

Chargers president Dean Spanos recently gave a broad interview as the NFL season approaches its midway point. Mr. Spanos, whose team enjoys a bye week during the weekend of October 27, believes the Chargers must build on the success of consecutive victories and the team’s first plus-.500 period all season. Despite a relatively middle-of-the-road start to the 2013-2014 season, the Chargers have yet to lose two games in a row, and have demonstrated impressive resiliency on several occasions. Spanos also praised the stability head coach Mike McCoy has provided the Chargers organization over the course of seven games.

Restoring Tom Bradley’s Popularity

One of the Masters of Disaster, Mark Fabiani is most known for getting Bill Clinton through the Whitewater scandal and other controversies. However, has been executing damage control strategies since 1989, when he was still the mayor’s chief of staff in Los Angeles.

Then-Mayor Tom Bradley was losing popularity very quickly shortly after the City Hall ethics scandal. Bradley’s chief of staff at the time was Mike Gage. Unfortunately, Gage was making things worse by going against the media while Bradley was being criticized left and right. The mayor’s finances and conduct were under investigation and problems with crime rates, traffic and pollution increased.

When Mark Fabiani replaced Gage, he was quick to act and created a more progressive agenda for the mayor. In addition, he helped refine the mayor’s pro-growth stance in an effort to increase support. He then arranged to have Kenneth Topping lose his position as planning director, to the delight of homeowner groups and developers. In a series of well-planned moves, Fabiani helped restore Tom Bradley’s faltering popularity.

Opportunities within the Empowerment Zone Initiative

Mark Fabiani’s storied career in politics includes service as Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, as well as many positions within the Clinton Administration. Mark Fabiani worked to implement the Empowerment Zone Initiative, a federal plan for the revitalization of urban communities.

The Empowerment Zone Initiative (EZI) was established in 1994 by Congress and implemented by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Its purpose is to foster job creation and other business opportunities by providing tax abatements and financial incentives for some of the country’s economically challenged areas. There are numerous opportunities under this initiative. Tax-exempt bonds allow below-market interest rates for business development and job creation. Banks and various corporations involved in lending money can earn tax credit by holding what are known as Qualified Zone Academy Bonds; these pertain to schools or programs within schools that meet certain criteria. While the EZI has established guidelines for funding, decisions are largely community-driven, allowing those who live in these communities to have a hand in how their neighborhoods develop.

Masters of Disaster: The Ten Commandments of Damage Control

Written by Mark Fabiani, Chris Lehane, and Bill Guttentag, Masters of Disaster is a book that tackles the different methods of responding to crises. The book contains various case studies of real-life crises. The authors examine and pinpoint the correct and incorrect methods that were used in dealing with the problems in the cases presented.

One case that was examined was the Tiger Woods scandal. According to the book, timing is very important when it comes to damage control. Tiger Woods waited too long to acknowledge publicly his mistake, which negatively affected his image. The book, however, does not promote rushing things, but rather emphasizes that it is important for those in crisis to gather themselves and prepare well before making a public statement, as long as it is for the sake of putting out the real story.

One of the book’s authors, Mark Fabiani, was one of Bill Clinton’s lawyers during the Whitewater and other White House controversies. He was one of the reasons that Mr. Clinton prevailed over the political opponents who tried to use those controversies to undermine his legislative agenda.

Key Steps to Effective Crisis Management

Mark Fabiani is the former deputy mayor of Los Angeles. He is an experienced political strategist and crisis management expert who has served as a lawyer and spokesman for the White House. With his partner Christopher Lehane, Mark Fabiani co-founded Fabiani & Lehane LLC in 2001, a company specializing in crisis management.

Many companies have crisis management experts on staff, while others outsource this type of work when the need arises. There are few crisis management rules to keep in mind to ensure that situations are dealt with in an effective, professional manner. The number one rule is simply to be prepared. Regardless of whether a company has a crisis management expert on staff, it should review and update its crisis plan often and maintain strong relations with outside crisis management firms.

The second most important aspect of crisis management is speed. Preparation helps in this regard, but being prepared for a crisis means nothing if the company allows several days or even just a few hours to pass before taking definitive action. Lastly, it is imperative to be aware of the audiences that will judge the outcome of a crisis situation: Judges and jurors in a court of law, elected officials, customers of the company, and the public at large. In the end, a crisis might pose few legal complications for a company, but rehabilitating the company’s public image will often prove much more complex and potentially more damaging to business. When it comes to crisis management, it’s crucial for companies to be prepared, act fast, and get ready to win back their customer base.

Taxation Committee Extends HUD Empowerment Program

Mark Fabiani served as a special counsel to President Bill Clinton and as head of communications during Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. He has also worked in senior positions at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). At HUD, Mark Fabiani took on the role of deputy assistant secretary, helping implement the Empowerment Zone initiative.

The HUD Empowerment Zone Program was originally ran from 1994 through 2011. Earlier this year, though, the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation moved to extend the program through 2013 as a demonstration of its success during the last 17 years. The program is separated into three designations—Renewable Communities, Empowerment Zones, and Enterprise Zones—and provides help to distressed areas with high rates of poverty and immigration. All but 15 percent of the initial $1 billion funding the program had been spent by 2006, going toward community development, housing projects, and advances in local education systems. Job training and loan programs have also benefited from the Empowerment Zone initiative.



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